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The best social system to control and share the events in the real world from any connected device


Control, Command, Share

Share Zero Space allows you to easily and safely control and command of any events in the real world and with the same simplicity allows you to share this opportunity with people you want for the time you need!


It is not required any specialized infrastructure. Via your smartphone or tablet and a single field device you can control a world of real events. Control your gate, the garden lights or just whatever it is part of your world, is simple and immediate, thanks Share Zero Space wherever you are in the universe! The key word is Evolution, not revolution.!


What you'd like to check in your world will be near to you, wherever it is. Share Zero Space will always be in touch with you, promptly alerting you or allowing you to operate everywhere. Sure that what happens in your world, even when you're away will be always with you, providing you security, serenity saving time and money by living more peaceful.


Control without sharing is nothing !. Share Zero Space allows you to share your controls about events or command with whoever you want. With who you care, of those who work with you, or for you, with a simple, safe and immediate gesture, you can share and delegate the control and management of each events for the time you want. Everything also has a social aspect. Each shared events, with the same ease, can be roll back when you want.


That's the new world!

How will be cool if you could monitor and control events from any place where you are, in any place of the universe. And how will be cool if we can share and delegate this opportunity with who we want. This desire is now a reality, now available to all, without complications, without the need for special smart infrastructure and considerable investments. Everything becomes simple, quick, safe and reliable.
His name is Share Zero Space

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Outstanding Features

Your world in your pocket. Free to be where we want, bosses to manage, control and delegate all events that are part of our world without being present. The true gift of ubiquity!

Safety Platform

Everything is done using the platform more secure clud making serene your life. Through the cloud of Share Zero Space and the Internet, simply by accessing your personal account to a secure portal, registering one or more field devices Share Zero Space, brought immediately without complications, in your language, in your time zone, have control of the power offered by this innovative technology.

Boundless Opportunities

Each device you own, even the older not connected generation can be connected to the world Sahre Zero Space, such as gates and electric gates, lighting, thermal and mechanical systems, irrigation systems, gauges, electrical and hydraulic gauges, alarm systems , solutions for predictive maintenance, and any electrically translatable signal anywhere in the world, in cities such as in the desert!

Social Sharing

With no apps, specialized infrastructure, you can share with those who want the control and command of any event you want. No complications on the compatibility between devices, it can navigate on the internet, then it's fine to Share Space Zero. This will allow you to share your world with whoever you want as desired. Nothing physical keys, no remote controls, no app to configure to the other, no password or parameters need to be shared. Just share an event with someone else he has enough and to have access to your account to find in his area the [Clone] device with the opportunities for action that you want to grant. No possibility of doubt or uncertainty about who will use the sharing and whenever that happens you'll be the first to know. Free to share with other, but also free to revoke each share.


Everything works in a simple way. The Share Zero Space technology hides the complexity of managing everything in every part of the universe. It makes everything immediate, simple and safe because none of us want to waste time, wants a complicated system where the manual is great're ready than the object that describes !. So all intuitive, immediate and foolproof. Share Zero Space will be a pleasant discovery and a new way of experiencing the events of your world. You neesd only a device can surf the network. Advanced Cloud that offers Share Zero Space does everything for you. Due to the simplicity then I took control, command and share all your event with others and the others will do it with you allowing access to their events. Social, innovative and true social things and events for everyone. The real technology that everyone wants.


A picture says much more than words!


Project Studio

Innovators and inventors always have fun doing what others say you can not. Share Zero Space is born and becomes a patented technology worldwide. Our DNA is so, we want something that everyone can have and use to improve life and enjoy your free time without stress, without complications using technology simple, safe and friendly.

Project Studio is devoted to innovation and to the discovery of new technological solutions. And owns several patents in various chiefs; from mobility to solutions for Internet of things up to new technologies and components also in the environment. All will be possible thanks to the Project Studio's fabrication lab. A complete laboratory with fully with hardware and software instrumentation and expertise to create and invent.


The best satisfaction for us is what others say, as we do on a daily basis using the Share Zero Space Technology.

" With the new opportunities offered by Zero Share Sapce I feel free to check out my world from any place where I am, often sharing the management and control of events with my employees as a team. Even our field devices are always under control for a service to our customers always at the top!"

# Markus Klein - CEO, Inova Tech

" Share Zero Sapce allows me to cancel the distance between me and the events of the real world through any device connected to the network, I can share with friends, my home on the French Riviera in a social way and allow the Gardner to manage my garden controlling system irrigation and pool when it is more usefull, no need to give him the house keys. "

# Kim Jordan - Professionals

" I thought I had the best technology in my service, but trying Share Zero Space I realized that I was just a slave of technology. Now customers of my camp who book via the Web can arrive and leave whenever they want and at any time wish because Share Zero Space manages the access, provision of energy, water and what is for the best comfort. Due to accounting functionality also customers can keep an eye on their consumption easily. In the future I want the same technology also for my hotel distributed."

# Paolo Ventura - CEO Best Experience Vacation

" When everyone told me that I had to redo the systems to have the ability to manage from afar my house, garden lights, climate and irrigation, Zero Space Share solution has allowed me to realize my desires evolving equipment or facility that already I owned, functional, simple and economical. Now my wife and my children, even with other smartphone each other can do the same things. When we are not home, if my friend can come to control alarm close and when he need hi can use my garage. "

# John Spencer - Viaggiatore

" Share Zero Space allows me to actually do preventive maintenance. My client uses Share Zero Space to manage its gates and its electric gates, sharing the management with its employees and customers, without the need to provide keys and cards, but at the same time each gate keeps me informed on the number of openings so that I know exactly when the openings reach the number to which I programmed the periodic maintenance. Saving time and intervene when needed while my client has now a much more flexible system. "

# Andrea Regano - CEO OpenIt

" I run a number of technological systems. Every time a problem occurred, a block or interruption of service, I was forced to make many kilometers just to press a button and restore service. Now with Share Zero Space not only saving time but I can operate in real time. When I am not on duty I can delegate everything to the person replacing me with a simple gesture. Even when I practice my favorite sport I can do it in peace knowing that thanks to the smartphone in my pocket I can do what it takes. They are truly peaceful and free. "

# Kay Wu - CEO AlwaysRun

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